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How Cute Puppy Videos Can Affect Your Mood

All emotions are natural and if you were to sit and attempt to list all the emotions you are aware of, you would no doubt come up with several positive emotions and negative emotions. Feeling either type of these emotions is a natural part of being human. Both...

How Many Colors Do Yorkies Come In?

The color of yorkies is a topic many people seem to be unclear on. Whether you are buying or interested in breeding, there are things you should be aware of such as the Parti Gene and other genetic mutations that impact the color in Yorkies. So, how many colors do...

10 Common Questions About Parti Yorkies

Whether you realized it or not, you’ve probably seen or encountered a Parti Yorkie. They are considerably different in color from your standard Yorkie so you would not likely have made the connection between the two. That said, Parti Yorkies are incredibly adorable...

Sometimes We Blog About Parti Yorkies

But we also invest a lot of time and resources into creating educational and entertaining videos about the breed, training and oh yeah… There are a lot of cute puppy videos too!


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