All emotions are natural and if you were to sit and attempt to list all the emotions you are aware of, you would no doubt come up with several positive emotions and negative emotions. Feeling either type of these emotions is a natural part of being human. Both negative and positive emotions have a purpose in our lives. For example, so-called negative emotions, such as fear, can alert us to possible danger and signal that we might need to protect ourselves. While negative emotions can help us, an imbalance of negative emotions can be overwhelming and become exhausting.

Positive emotions also help us in a similar way. In addition to balancing out negative emotions, they have other powerful benefits, as well. Instead of narrowing our focus in the way negative emotions do, positive emotions affect our brains in ways that increase our overall awareness, attention, and even our memory. People who have plenty of positive emotions in their everyday lives tend to be happier, healthier, get along well with others, and have limitless seemingly limitless possibilities.

While editing the Absolute Cutest Puppy Video of our 2-Week-Old Parti Yorkie Puppies Learning to Walk, I found myself smiling constantly. Instantly I could feel my mood change. I felt more positive. I was more productive. The effects of positive mood and emotion has been well documented and has even been referenced in the book and movie, The Secret. ?If you ever find yourself in a dark or bad mood, I suggest watching this cute puppy video. In fact, I challenge you not to smile while watching!


Good luck and good mood!

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