How to Purchase a Sunshine Parti Yorkie


Ready to bring home a puppy from Sunshine Parti Yorkies? Excellent! We have a few ways for you to finalize your purchase. If you’re in the South Florida region, we welcome you to visit in person. If you’re not local, follow the steps below to reserve your puppy today for later pick-up or hand-delivery! For any questions or assistance, please call Jennifer at 954-558-6231.

Here’s how It Works


Browse our available puppies

Browse our available online puppy profiles and select your favorite puppy. Click Here

Contact Us

Give us a call to confirm the puppy you’ve selected is still available. Our ONLY number is 954-558-6231.

Schedule a Showing

If you’re located in the Southeast Florida region, we’re happy to schedule a live showing, otherwise, we show puppies via FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Reserve Your Puppy

A non-refundable deposit of $750.00 is required to reserve your puppy. That puppy will then be marked reserved and made unavailable for adoption by anyone else. Click Here to download and complete our puppy deposit form. The signed form can be sent to:

Coordinate Delivery

At Sunshine Parti Yorkies, we offer two convenient options for receiving your new puppy:

Pickup: For those of you who are located in the Southeast Florida region or are willing to travel at their own expense, you are welcome to personally pick up your new puppy. This allows you to meet your puppy face-to-face and start bonding immediately.

Delivery: If a flight or long-distance travel is needed, we provide a hand-delivery service via an experienced and dedicated lap nanny. Our professional and caring lap nanny will ensure your puppy arrives safe and sound at an international airport nearest your location.

NOTE: Should you choose our lap nanny delivery service, it’s essential to understand all costs involved before making a deposit. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth and worry-free as possible for both you and your new puppy.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we prioritize the safety and well-being of our puppies; hence, we DO NOT ship them in cargo under any circumstances. Even the most reputable airlines have experienced unfortunate incidents with pets in cargo.