Gamora – Reserved

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 6/9/2023
Color: Chocolate
Registry: AKC
Sire/Dam: Denver/Charlie

Introducing Gamora, a fierce and feisty female who's sure to steal your heart. Much like her namesake, Gamora is a fearless adventurer, ready to explore the vast expanse of your backyard. Don't be fooled by her tough and tiny exterior, she has a loving and gentle side that shines brighter than any star. She is quick on her feet and loves a good playtime challenge. With Gamora, you will find a loyal companion who's ready to conquer the universe, one cuddle at a time. Well that'll be me in more like at 8-10 weeks.

Here's where I am now. Be sure to check back to see where I am in my developmental stage and for updated photos!

Days 21-28 (3-4 weeks old): A week later, you'll notice I'm becoming stronger and more coordinated. I'll begin to stand up, walk around a bit, and maybe even start wagging my little tail! My tiny teeth will start to emerge and I'll begin to explore the taste of solid food.

Days 28-35 (4-5 weeks old): By the time I'm a month old, my hearing will be fully developed, and I'll be able to respond to all the sounds around me. I'll also be more mobile and playful, exploring my surroundings and learning from my interactions with my littermates. I can't wait to meet you and start learning from you, too!


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