We are always happy to hear from you as well as to answer any questions you may have. To help make make getting answers to your questions fast and easy, below are some common questions we receive.

Where are you located?

We are located in sunny South Florida between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

What kind of puppies do you breed?

Our breeding program we currently focus on Yorkshire Terriers with a particular focus on the following colors:


Parti Yorkies


Chocolate Yorkies


Chocolate Parti Yorkies


Sable Parti Yorkies

What size will my puppy be as an adult?

One of the more commonly asked questions we receive is how large will my Yorkie be as a full grown adult?

Unfortunately, there is no proven scientific method for predicting the exact full grown size of a Yorkie puppy, but there are a few methods that will give you a good estimate of adult weight. The Yorkie puppy growth chart, is a useful tool for determining adult size. In addition always calculate the size of the puppies parents, size of litter mates, how many were in the litter and paw size.

Using all these methods combined together and you can be fairly confident in predicting future adult size. Quality of food, frequency of feeding, and the amount you feed your puppy, can also play a factor in their adult size and weight.

What is the cost of your puppies

Our babies range in price from $2,000 to as much as $3,000. Prices are based on coloring, size, gender and the unique color gentics they carry. This price includes a $500.00 deposit, however, delivery may be an additional price depending on location. Note: We do not ship puppies in containers. We only use lap nannies. And while lap nannies may add to the cost of delivery, they ensure the safe delivery of each puppy.

When will my puppy be ready to go home?

Puppies are typically ready to go home at 10 weeks old.

Why is there a non-refundable deposit?

Most breeders request a non-refundable deposit (usually around $500) during the application process.

Once a buyer has selected a puppy, that puppy is essentially placed on hold for said buyer, and from that moment, the seller does not advertise or show that puppy to other interested buyers.

No puppy will be he held without a deposit and all puppies are considered “available” until a deposit is received and our purchase agreement/contract has been signed.

Why are your puppies expensive?

We are responsible breeders and as such, do not mass breed. As much as you select the puppy you want to adopt, we select the families we want to place our puppies with. You have likely heard the saying ‘You get what you pay for’. That saying cannot be more true. If you find a puppy for $500, you will likely get a $500 puppy with countless health conditions or you get scammed out of your hard earned money and there is not puppy.

Much goes into maintaining the health and quality of each of our Sires, Dams and the puppies in our breeding program. All of our puppies come with a Florida Health Certificate, a 1 year health guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations and deworming, and each puppy is purebred, and can be registered with the AKC. The all parents are onsite and are permenant members of our family.

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

We are here to assist you throughout the entire process.



From the moment you contact us to inquire about our puppies, you’ll find we are happy to answer all of your questions as well as to address any of your concerns.

You will find we have some of the best response times available.



The interview process begins the moment you contact us. We are NOT a click and buy website. No puppy will ever sold until we have interviewed the potential family, spoken by phone, met in person, chatted and have had an opportunity to get to know you and feel confident we have found a good placement match.

We love our babies and ONLY want the very best for them!



We are happy to schedule a showing of our puppies as convenient for both parties. For the protection of all parties, we show at a local police station.



We like to keep the process of delivery your new puppy as stress free as possible for you? and more importantly your new puppy. We only use lap nannies to delivery our puppies. For their health and safety, will not ship a puppy unattended.