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We have become a trusted brand and breeder, connecting many loving families with our beautiful babies. Over the past 25 years as dog owners and enthusiasts, we’ve used an immeasurable number of products and services at a cost we can’t even begin to calculate. Like you, we were looking for quality brands, products, and services that we could trust. In our shop you will not only find quality dog apparel for sale, you’ll find great dog product recommendations as well.

If you have already placed a deposit on one of our amazing pups, you can add some to be delivered with your pup or before he or she arrives. We can even personalize some of your purchases with your new pup’s name for example. Our dogs love to get dressed up and so will yours, for holidays, birthdays or for no reason other than to be irresistibly adorable! Don’t forget to ask for your COUPON CODE if you’ve purchased on of our pups.

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Amazing Deals on Dog Shirts

We’ve got amazing quality and prices on dog shirts for every season.

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Adidog hoodies and hooded track suits for your dog. Good for every season.

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