They say imitation is the best form of flattery, however, imitation for the purpose of defrauding people out of their hard-earned money… well that’s just criminal!

At Sunshine Parti Yorkies, we want to help protect consumers from scammers. Historically, we as well as other legitimate breeders have done this by watermarking our images with our logo and branding. To undermine our efforts, the most heinous of these scammers have simply began creating social media pages using the same or similar names as legitimate breeders and continuing to use our watermarked images.

As the scams being perpetrated by these fraudsters continue to evolve, so too must our efforts to protect the public, and our content. We can include more information in our watermarks, but you can do your part by researching the breeder you are talking to. We have taken an active role in understanding how these scams work by speaking to some of the people they’ve targeted. Please have a look at the following information, we hope this will help you avoid being scammed.

Here are some FACTS about Sunshine Parti Yorkies

It is our sincere hope that this information will help you avoid the Facebook scammers who are stealing our images and in some cases our name in an attempt to scam consumers.

We are a family owned and operated breeder.

We are in Pembroke Pines Florida and we ONLY have one location.

We are NOT a franchise or chain, nor do we currently partner with another breeder.

Our official website address is We have NO other websites and ONLY use the .COM extension!

(954) 558-6231 is our official telephone number. If you called any other number,you are not calling us!

Instagram @SunshinePartiYorkies

If you are communicating with a breeder, please do your research!

Look for your breeder on other social platforms. Is their contact information consistent?

Ask tough questions. Legitimate breeders won’t have a problem answering them.

Request a facetime! Make sure you can talke to them, see their face all while they are holding the puppy the advertised. Scammers don’t have puppies so they’ll likely block you for asking.