Recommended Products

New dog moms and dads often ask us which products we recommend. Below are some of the go to products we use regularly with our own pets as well as in our breeding programs. Be sure to check each product for discount codes, if one is listed, you can use it at the manufacture’s website.


Rosewater Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler and Shine.


Fast working ingredients break down dirt and unwanted matter quickly without damaging hair and is easy to rinse.


?Pure conditioner, contains no water or alcohol, does not dry hair.?It’s long lasting, repels dirt, dust, and sand, resulting in a shine that lasts longer with no oily residue.


Silk proteins moisturize and strengthen hair, neutralizing static electricity and resulting in a high shine after brushing. Knots and dreadlocks fall out tangle free, no matter how difficult.


We love our PawRamp so much, we bought a 2nd one! Hands down better than stairs to help your dog, safely up and down furniture, helping to prevent jumping injuries.

PawRamp Full (best for bed or couch)

? 4 Heights at 12, 16, 20 & 24 inches
? 40 inches L x 16 inches W
? Weight tested to hold 120 lb

PawRamp Lite (best for the couch)

? 2 Heights at 12 & 16 inches
? 32.5 inches L x 14 inches W
? Weight tested to hold 70 lb

Discount Code: PARTI20

Use our discount code for a 15% discount on your PawRamp purchase. Money from affiliate programs help fund our educational videos and products in our Parti Pak that go home with each new puppy that is adopted.? ? ??


24″ 4 Panel Exercise Pet Playpen with Door

The easy-access IRIS 24” Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpens with Door is perfect for puppies, extra small to medium sized dogs and other family pets. Use it as an indoor dog fence, play gate, dog play yards, or dog exercise pens.

The portable playpen for dog provides 8 square feet of play space for pets. Each panel of the IRIS Playpen measures 33.6″W x 24″H, doors are 14.5”W x 16.5”H and the distance between bars is 1.7”. Built-in locks on the pet pen door twist to open for easy pet entry.

The durable molded indoor pet pen will last for years. Pet pens can be positioned in different shapes to best suit your space capacity and pet’s needs. The plastic panel on the dog playpen with door securely snaps together to keep your pet inside. The panels for dog exercise pen with door also feature a non-skid rubber foot to protect flooring. Made in the USA.


Top Paw Dog Pads are ideal for everyday use and potty training. Designed with SwiftDry Technology, they quickly turn liquid into gel to help prevent tracking. Adhesive tabs help hold the pad in place, while a pheromone attractant encourages instinctive marking.


Leakproof with adhesive tabs
Odor neutralizer
Pheromone Attractant

Count: Number depends on size of pad

Color: White

Dimensions: 23 in L x 24 in W (58.4 x 60.9 cm) Pads come in a variety of sizes depending on bree.?We alternate pad size for adult dogs and litter.

Lucy Pet Products Blue?

Blue Lightening Blueberry Brightening Leave-In Conditioning Dog & Cat Spray, 8-oz bottle

This moisturizing conditioner is a naturally soothing way to bathe your best bud in freshness?made without parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin. Instead, it’s made with a blend of natural coconut oil cleansers, sunflower seed oil and blueberries to bring out the sparkling sheen of any coat.

Its a great way to keep your pet smelling fresh between grooming or lock in that yummy-smelling smoothness after a bath. Plus, it’s proudly manufactured in California, and part of the Products with a Cause line. Proceeds help the Lucy Pet Foundation continue their mission to improve the lives of animals. It’s a clean you can feel good about!



Wellness CORE? is a family of high-protein, natural dog foods available in grain-free and wholesome grains options. CORE is big on flavor and rooted in the belief that dogs love and thrive on hearty animal proteins.

When you love your dogs as much as we do, you want them to enjoy a meal that?s both tasty and healthy. And with ingredients like beef and salmon, CORE is truly a protein-packed pet food. At the heart of every tasty CORE bite is a careful balance of natural, quality ingredients. The result is a wonderfully nutrient-dense meal your pets can sink their teeth into.

We use a mixture of wet and dry foods for adults and puppies. Each adopted puppy goes home with a? treat jar filled with dry puppy food to help with? their transition.?