What Is a Parti Yorkie?

If you have been lucky enough to encounter one of these tri-colored beauties, you likely had a comment immediately followed by a question. A comment such as Oh my goodness what a beautiful dog!? followed by the question, What kind of dog is it exactly?? We’ll start by telling you what kind of dog it is not. In spite of what Traditional Yorkie Purist would have you believe, the Parti colored Yorkie is neither a designer dog nor a mutt.

It’s in the Genes


There are some great articles out there, including one written by Sue White, titled How Parti Yorkies Came to Be. The article goes into considerable detail about the breeding history of Yorkshire terriers. It explains how a recessive gene in a breed that is historically known to be Steele-blue and tan, produced the Parti color combination of blue, tan, and white. Genetically speaking, any two dogs bred with or carrying the Parti gene, may have puppies that present in these three colors. The unique tri-colored Parti Yorkie has been recognized as a classification of the Yorkshire terrier breed since 2000, and in case you’re wondering, can be registered with the AKC and other purebred canine registries.


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